Dr. Marc J. Parnes Board Certified Physician is licensed to conduct physical examinations for the DOT for an individual to obtain their CDL license.

USCIS IMMIGRATION MEDICAL examination Dr. Marc Parnes United States designated Civil Surgeon.

If you have been injured in an auto accident on the job - slip or fall ...

We are the injury specialists.

We handle Workers Compensation and NYS No Fault
patients everyday.


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All administered by:
Dr. Marc Parnes
Licensed in the State of NY.
Dr. Marc Parnes has had advanced training in these procedures, and is confident of his results.
Dr. Marc Parnes is a New York State certified Osteopath - - -

and is dually board certified.  His family practice specializes in back pain, neck pain, trauma and headaches.  He accepts no fault and workers compensation.  Dr. Marc Parnes is equipped to do his own in office physical therapy,  traction, massage, electric simulation and ultra sound.  His new office is located at 893 Central Avenue in Woodmere, and he also sees patients in Brooklyn where he practices with his father Dr. Leo Parnes.  Dr. Parnes stressed that, “My practice is different from other doctors.  I sit and speak to my patients. We will figure out what is going on and I will often see things other physicians don’t.  I have a different philosophy than others about medicine.”

Dr. Parnes wants patients to have realistic expectations about cosmetic procedures.  “The breakthrough of the laser / light treatment is a relatively painless way to receive results in a short period of time.

Our office is fully computerized and complies with all technologies with regard to Workers Compensation, NYS No Fault and prescription drugs.   We object to a government run health care system as only fully trained physicians should make decisions for my patients.

Physical Examinations:  Take control of your health.

Dr. Marc Parnes offers Comprehensive physical examination in which we examine various organ systems and the overall body.  It is far better to prevent disease than to treat it, and better to treat it early before it becomes worse.  Screening patients at regular intervals help us to detect disease before the presence of symptoms and create good doctor relationship with you.  Most health plans understand the importance of a "physical" and will offer it to its members at different intervals.  However, if a medical plan offers an annual physical, one should take advantage of it.


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Medical Examinations are required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to verify good health  and admissibility to the United States. The Medical Examination may only be conducted by a physician who is designated as a Civil Surgeon by USCIS.

a physical exam by a USCIS designated civil surgeon including vital signs, tuberculosis testing (PPD testing), syphilis testing and age appropriate vaccination administration.  Chest x-rays are required only if you are PPD positive.

The cost of the physical exam is $150.  If required, blood, vaccines and chest x-ray are additional.

We will provide you with a copy of the I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record in a sealed envelope and a copy for your records.  You do not have to bring your own.

Dr. Marc J. Parnes is licensed to conduct physical examinations for the DOT
(Dept. of Transportation), for an individual to obtain their CDL (Commercial Divers License) to drive a vehicle over 18 thousand pounds on all local, state and federal streets and highways.  At the conclusion of the examination by Dr. Marc Parnes and he finds you qualified to drive a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) you will be furnished 1 copy of the results of the examination.  This is a blank copy for an example - Click Here
If a driver wishes the Certificate to be in card form, he/she may:
  • Purchase a separate "medical card" from an industry supplier of motor carrier forms (e.g., State trucking association) before the physical exam and ask the medical examiner to complete and sign it, in addition to the Medical Examination Report form; or

  • Print the Certificate on cardstock paper. It is permissible to reduce the size of the Certificate.

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