Skin Resurfacing

Before After 2nd. gentle resurfacing
Before After 1 treatment
Before 3 weeks after 1 treatment
Before 3 weeks after
  1 treatment
Before After 1 treatment
Before After 1 treatment
Before After 1 treatment
Before After 1 treatment
Before After 1 treatment
Before After 2 treatments

Aerolase has pioneered a new era of laser skin resurfacing with an innovative new modality that combines the efficacy of erbium laser ablation with the gentleness of MicroPulse technology. The LightPod Era 2940nm laser delivers profound skin rejuvenation in a single minimally invasive treatment that removes wrinkles and sun damage, pigmentation, reduces pores and gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Skin resurfacing involves the ablation (or vaporization) of the outer layers of skin tissue, which stimulates a process of new skin regrowth called re-epithelialization. The result is the complete replenishment of the skin with a healthy, youthful glow. Historically, patients had to suffer through the trauma of ablative CO2 resurfacing (which required full anesthesia) or the tedium of multiple treatments with fractional resurfacing lasers (which requires many treatments and downtime sessions). But now with the LightPod Era, Aerolase provides an innovative ablative modality for profound rejuvenation in a single treatment, requiring nothing more than topical anesthesia. LightPod Era MicroPulse-2940 technology produces laser energy that optimally maximizes the ablation of epidermal skin but excludes thermal damage to the deeper skin layers a major cause for pain and longer healing time as well as hyperpigmentation on darker skin tones. As a result, the treatment discomfort is low and patient downtime is minimal, varying from a few hours for micro peel treatment to just a few days for a deep wrinkle removal treatment.

The Era also uniquely allows the resurfacing of partial facial areas where rejuvenation is needed without creating any visible demarcation line between treated and untreated skin areas. Era is also the ideal technology for treating sun damage on the chest and hands where skin is particularly thin and gentle. The LightPod Era produces a wide 6mm collimated laser beam that allows the clinician to work at a variable distance from the skin without any contact making the treatment technique easy, safe, fast and highly hygienic.



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