The single most

versatile aesthetic and dermatology laser. Period.

LightPod Neo is the product of extensive Aerolase clinical research and laser technology development. It delivers scientifically chosen optimum laser energy parameters which allow the practitioner to consistently achieve top clinical efficacy and safety for a wide variety of treatments on all skin types.

The LightPod Neo is the only 1064nm laser on the market that produces high-powered laser pulses (up to 318 Joules/cm2 on a 2mm spot) with a revolutionary 0.65 millisecond pulse duration, which is shorter than the Thermal Relaxation Time of the skin tissue surrounding the follicle, blood vessel or other targeted tissue structure. As a result, the laser-generated heat is effectively sealed within the target, as it does not have time to conduct outward to the surrounding skin, thus increasing treatment efficacy. Also, because the 0.65 msec laser pulses pass through the skin 5 to 50 times faster than those used by traditional long pulse Nd:YAG lasers they do not overheat the epidermal melanin thus eliminating pain and reducing risk of pigmentary changes. For treatment of larger volume varicose vessels, LightPod Neo also incorporates the 1.5 millisecond pulse duration.

The LightPod Neo features a very simplified and straightforward laser control interface. This combined with the ability to treat any skin type without skin cooling or contact to the skin substantially increases the treatment safety margin and reduces the risk of accidental operator mistake.

Designed as the modern medical technology, LightPod Neo is the only portable (about 22 pounds or 11kg) and maintenance-free multi-use Nd:YAG laser system on the market. Thanks to patented air-cooled design LightPod technology has eliminated the primary maintenance and repair troublepoints of the traditional stationary lasers: the internal water circulating system, and the optical fiber lightguide system. LightPod Neo, therefore, is inherently higher in reliability and far less likely to need repair.


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