Bimodal Skin Rejuvenation

Before After 2nd. treatment

Aerolase has introduced a novel procedure called BFR™ (Bimodal Facial Restoration), involving a combination of the two primary treatment modes: non-ablative (the LightPod Neo 1064nm) and ablative (LightPod Era 2940nm) energy. With the Neo, relatively low fluences are used to stimulate collagen genesis and skin tightening; immediately after, the LightPod Era is used to gently vaporize the outer epidermal layers for wrinkle reduction and texture improvement. Because both modalities are delivered independently to separately treat the dermis and epidermis, the practitioner has maximum flexibility to dial either modality up or down as needed. Treatment is very gentle and one or two sessions is typical, depending on the parameters used with each individual modality in each session.

Modern protocols for skin rejuvenation ideally include two modes of treatment. The first involves deep heating of tissue in the dermis for collagen stimulation and tightening, while the second involves the vaporization of the epidermal tissue for . Some laser companies have tried to combine dermal and epidermal treatment in a single laser device, employing fractional patterns of energy delivery, but these devices have a major clinical limitation – their inability to independently set the level of energy delivered to dermis vs. epidermis. Instead they attempt to treat both layers at once, consequently sacrificing efficacy in both. But by using the LightPod Neo and LightPod Era lasers in the same treatment session, it is now possible to independently treat each layer of the skin for maximum effect and minimum discomfort and downtime.


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